Personal Information

Xiao Wei

A small corner of the earth


Five years of professional experience in software development. Professional competency in Dot NET framework、ASP.NET、MVC、C#、Java、Javascript、Nodejs、Visual Studio 2010/2013/2015、IIS、SQL Server、MySql、MongoDB,etc. Good at designing and developing software. Involved in development of a number of large-scale online education website.

In 2013 l began to devote myself to the investment of cryptocurrency. In 2017 l mainly focus on foreign high-quality blockchain projects.


Can you tell me the introdution of your website?

This is a platform which shares the foreign blockchain projects, we post foreign high-quality projects on our platform and give them an objective rating.

How often will you update the website?

Barring accidents, every day we will update the project, the updated information will be sended to the Twitter, QQ group and WeChat group.

What is your grading standard of the project?

We will refer to the team information of the project, white paper, introduction on the website, foreign media reports, the rating of the project on foreign large-scale website, heat rate on Twitter and other social media.

How to submit my project to your website? How to get advertising positions?

Click "submit ICO"on the top of the navigation to submit your project. We will list your ICO project if you donate 1eth. You can get a AD position if you donate 6eth.

How to sponsor we?

Click “sponsor"on the left side to get our wallet address. Please send your wallet address to me after sending Ethereum to me. Thank you.